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Cancellations, Refunds and Training Policies

*Scheduling and Payment of course trainings confirm that you understand all policies within the following information below*


Individuals are required to pay for courses and schedule skills session immediately via online appointment platform. Appointments will not be confirmed without payment. Business clients may opt out of using the online appointment platform to reserve training if they prefer to receive an invoice for payment when scheduling individual staff members for online courses. When scheduling classroom sessions, the online form may be used to then receive an invoice for payment. Confirmation will be made to hold training date; However, payment must be received within 5 days and/or no later than 72 hours (if made within same week) of training request in order to prevent training from being cancelled. No payments will be accepted day of training unless first approved by management and confirmed via email notification. Individuals granted an option to pay via invoice are done so as a courtesy on a case-by-case basis. Payment must be made within 5 days of request but no later than 72 hours of training to avoid cancellation. Community Responders accepts payment via invoice, online and via phone. Cash and check payments are accepted on a case by case basis and must be approved first by management and confirmed via email.


No refunds will be permitted for online courses that have been accessed. If you are a healthcare professional and require training for your employer, be sure that they accept ASHI (American Health and Safety Institute) or the ARC (American Red Cross) as an approved accreditation provider. We are not responsible for certifications not accepted by your employer and no refunds will be given after certification is granted. Refunds requested for classes not cancelled with advanced notice will incur a fee, as cards for certification and training materials are prepared in advance. Full refunds will be provided up to 72 hours before scheduled training. A late cancellation fee of 25% will be retained if refund requested thereafter. We will gladly reschedule your training as needed without a fee. Please allow up to 14 days for refund to be processed.


As mentioned above, payments not made within allotted time frame will be cancelled. For Blended training sessions, online courses MUST be completed in order to continued with skills session. Four (4) hours prior to session, online training completion will be confirmed, if not completed, you will be notified via text and email advising that completion is required to avoid cancellation. If online course is not complete within 2 hours of skills session, the session will automatically be cancelled and must be rescheduled. Refunds are not provided after course has been accessed, we will gladly reschedule training as needed.


Students and participants assume all risks associated with taking CPR/First Aid and associated courses with Community Responders, LLC. Certain courses can be physically exhausting and hold the potential of causing injury. Our company will not be held liable for injuries including and up to death due to improper technique or any other injuries intentional or accidental during our classes including and up to death. While our staff will ensure that all techniques are done safely, any individual who may have complications with movement, or prior medical ailments assume responsibility for their well being due to participation. Please advise your instructor at the beginning of class if you have any concerns with being able to perform the tasks required in the class(es) **Health Precautions and Guidelines During Training